Evaluating Your Wedding Budget for a DJ

You’ve made some pretty big steps toward the big day – and continuing that process with planning the right entertainment is just as important. But what kicks off planning those perfect elements for your wedding-day DJ is establishing your budget at the beginning.

This brings up another question – How do you decide how much to spend on a DJ?

Plenty of wedding planning websites will provide an algorithm for determining a specific number, but because it’s a personal choice and one that will reflect you and your grooms’ personalities, we want to offer a little more guidance in defining that number.

First, we ask couples to consider the issue of cost versus quality. This is perhaps the most important night of your new life as a couple, one with irreplaceable memories and the biggest celebration you may ever have with friends and family. Is ensuring that memory is packed with fun entertainment and a cohesive flow important to you?

For almost every couple, the answer is yes. For that reason, we suggest placing the allocation for a DJ in line behind only the photography and the venue. That is because the DJ is the factor that determines over 80% of the success of your wedding reception. The music and dancing is a major part of your celebration that will frame the experience for your guests, not to mention what you and your guests remember the most about your reception. Music sets the tone, controls the vibe, and establishes the energy in the room for the entire night. You don’t want it to be anything less than spectacular.

We can make sure it is – Call us today and let us DJ your wedding!