Live Music or a DJ?

We’ve talked a lot about hiring a DJ, but I don’t want to continue the conversation without talking about the consideration for using live music instead of a DJ. Plenty of brides and grooms choose live bands over DJs. There are personal and logistical reasons for that choice, but here are a few reasons why using a DJ may be a better fit for you.

A live band comes with several limitations, including space requirements, equipment and, of course, a shorter range of music options. When you have a wedding with a wide variety of guests, you need a music source that can accommodate all ages and tastes from song to song or set-to-set. That can’t be done with a live band that is built to play only one style of music. It’s also difficult for a band that’s built to bring big sound to complement the ambient feel many weddings like to maintain.

Often, wedding guests have requests for their favorite songs, or songs that remind them of the couple. A DJ with a huge library of music can easily adjust and include these requests, not to mention switch gears based on the tone and mood of the group. A band usually comes with a pre-determined playlist and cannot necessarily accommodate requests.

While a live band needs frequent breaks (we applaud their hard work blowing, strumming, singing, and dancing), a DJ can maintain a presence for the entire event, welcoming guests on and off the dance floor as needed.

Lastly, and perhaps most appropriately, a live band is going to cost considerably more than a DJ.  With so many other essential moving parts and exciting details, this is a great way to save money, without losing any of the quality you intend for your big day.

You may still have more questions, or need to think about it some more. I’d love to help you work through it so we can make the best decision for your wedding, together. Call me today and let’s talk!