Music For Your Ears

So, we’ve taken the first step in planning the listening menu for your big day by choosing your first song. But what about all of those other songs you want to hear on your wedding day? When is the right time to use them? You’ll need music when you walk down the aisle, music while your guests are mingling at cocktail hour, music during dinner, and music for the dancing to ensue. In short, it’s no small detail.

In fact, music is an integral part of your wedding day. It provides the backdrop to your logistics, as much as the drape frames your altar or the flowers center your tables. Often, guests will hum along, be inspired to tap their feet, or glance knowingly at one another when a song special to them is played. It’s extremely emotional, and a powerful element when it comes to making this special day something memorable for the bride, the groom, and all of your guests. How can you be sure you’re hearing everything you want to, but still entertaining a wide range of guests?

We can help.

We provide you with a checklist of the important moments so you can decide when you want to play certain songs. That may include the father-daughter dance, the mother-son dance, a special song from college, something to cut the cake and/or throw the bouquet to, perhaps your last dance, and more. We help make sure you don’t leave anything out.

The bottom line: Let us play all of your favorites, and let you focus on dancing the night away! Schedule a consultation today and let’s make it all happen!