5 Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a DJ For Your Wedding

With a ring on your finger and the details of your big day falling into place, what is the next step? Now is the time to start thinking about one of the most important aspects of your wedding – how you will entertain your guests? Yes, they will ooh and ahh over the intricate table linens and decadent dessert tables, but, once their glasses are re-filled and the plates have all been cleared, what keeps your family and friends from heading home? How do you make sure they have an unforgettable good time?


Aside from waiting for a chance to hug the happy couple, you have to get your guests moving. You want to get them tapping their feet at the table, and eventually onto the dance floor – make them want to stay there! Not just any standard playlist can make that happen. You need a guarantee that you’re turning out good, dance-worthy music that’s appropriate for your guests, is appropriate for the event, in tune with the crowd, and exactly what you envisioned as the bride and groom. If you’ve never hired a DJ before, the task can seem daunting – but you don’t have to stress. In fact, we offer five important questions that you should ask any DJ, before signing a contract.


What do you wear to the wedding? Asking this question first reveals just how much experience a DJ has. It shows what he knows and how aware he is of the industry and its expectations. It will give you the vibe that this DJ understands your style and personal expectations. It shows how much he pays attention to details and how much respect he has for the bride and grooms’ expenses. The bottom line: if he or she isn’t dressing to complement your suits, tuxedos, and gowns, then they’re not a professional.


How many DJs will be there? It’s important to know what you’re paying for, whether it’s one DJ doing all of the work, or two, allowing them to accomplish more, interact more efficiently, and provide an overall better experience for both the bride and groom and their guests.


What is your level of interaction with the guests? A lot of couples don’t think to ask about this and end up being disappointed with the result after the event is over. When you meet with your DJ, ask him if he stands behind the booth and simply plays music or if he has microphones, has experience emceeing on those microphones, and is comfortable reading a crowd and interacting with the party as appropriate. If it’s important to you, nail down when, what, and how much the DJ will use that microphone.


Do you use an agenda? This is an important question to ask because it showcases how prepared and professional he or she is. An appropriate agenda should be typed, finalized well in advance of the event, and outline everything a bride and groom can expect from the DJ starting with pre-event consultations and including walk-throughs, load-in details, event schedules, etc. A well put together agenda takes the guesswork out of your remaining wedding planning details, and lets you rest assured that everything on your big day will be exactly as you intended.


Are you insured? This question is so important. King Mobile DJ carries a $1 million liability insurance policy. That’s for the DJ’s protection, but also for the bride and groom. There is a lot of technical and potentially risky work to be done (lighting, loading and hauling expensive equipment, etc.) and if accidents happen, you want to make sure your DJ is prepared. Experienced DJs know this and will have similar coverage.


If a DJ is upfront and honest about who they are and what they can do on your big day, it means that you can focus on having a good time and enjoying your happily ever after to come. You know that everyone who made it to the dance floor will be talking about your wedding for a long time. That’s a happy ending anyone would envy.