Fashion Shows

DJ Lighting for Fashion Shows in Albuquerque, NM

A fashion show with the right audio visual services can add energy and rhythm to the event, inspire excitement in the crowd and increase interest in the modeled designs. At King Mobile Music, our Albuquerque DJ services can create an atmosphere that will enhance, not overpower, your featured clothing or style.

Our fashion show DJ services include:


Our DJ lighting for fashion shows require the use of high powered LED lights that highlight the features on the models and the styles they are showcasing. We can match the color to their outfits or to the mood you want to create in the room, creating an emotional connection between the audience and your clothing line. We will work with any venue’s audio visual department in order to find the right allocation of power sources needed to keep the show running smoothly.


We can plan your music to complement your clothing style in order to enhance the overall experience your audience will receive. Often, music can create a bond with your viewers that will keep them engaged and interested in what you’re presenting.


From the setup to cleanup, our DJ services include a minute by minute plan so we are able to stay on schedule. Timing is an important part of any fashion show and scheduling must be done in order to keep everything moving on time.


Although we bring two DJs to every event, including fashion shows, the level of interaction we have with your audience is up to you. We are more than happy to interact with the audience regularly, keeping interest high and directing more attention to your show. Depending on your requests, we can also reduce our level of interaction with your guests.

Our audio visual services are meant to create an atmosphere that will allow you to showcase your talent and clothes to form memories that will stay with those in attendance long after your event is over. Contact our Albuquerque DJ company today to book our services for your fashion show!

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