Sound & Lighting Production-Albuquerque, NM

King Mobile Music is an Albuquerque music entertainment and event lighting company that has over 15 years of experience providing quality DJ services. If you are planning a party and in need of high-end event lighting services, we can take your event to that next level.

Our lighting technicians are highly experienced in customizing event lighting packages that meet the needs of our clients. We are not about just flipping on switches; we’re about thoroughly thinking through every detail and providing the very best in jaw-dropping, professional lighting.

Some of the lighting services we offer include:

Par Can Lighting: Use Par Can lighting above, around and on the floor of the event room you are using to create an upscale club feel!

Scanners: Scanners allow for movable lights! Hang overhead lights above the dance floor and let the scanners drape colorful shapes around your room to create an exciting aesthetic experience!

Truss Lighting: We have 36 ft. of truss that we can use to hang lights. Shining colored lights on the truss gives them a glowing metallic look!

Disco Lighting Effects: Our inventory offers a wide assortment of lighting effects including disco balls and movers! Turn your corporate event or wedding into an upscale dance party in a heartbeat with our disco lighting effects services!

And More…

We at King Mobile Music have designed and created lighting packages for 97.3 Kiss FM Radio, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, The Perfect Wedding Guide, Albuquerque the Magazine, and the Tribal Library Counsel. We have done numerous fashion shows and hip hop/R&B showcases. In the mobile DJ arena, our caliber of event lighting design services are second to none which is why we are the go-to lighting experts in the Albuquerque area.

DJ Lighting Package: Up-Lighting

Everyone wants the event they host to be the one their guests remember for years. Unfortunately, memories created one night often blend into experiences from another night, leaving people with unclear recollections about what happened.

At King Mobile Music, our Albuquerque mobile DJs want to create memories that will last forever. We believe we can build an atmosphere through personal interaction and proper special event lighting that will stand out in your guests’ memories.

What is Up-Lighting?

Up-lighting is the newest trend in audio visual services for wedding receptionsholiday parties, school dances and other events. Lights are fixed on the ground and are faced upward in order to create the mood, change the pace and alter the energy for your guests.

Why Should I use Special Event Up-Lighting?

Lighting creates the mood and influences emotion at every party. Our DJ lighting packages feature up-lighting because of the amount of control it gives us over such an important part of the party. With our special event up-lighting, we are able to:

  • Alter colors. With our wide range of lights and colors, we can control the up-lights to your preferences. We can match them to your bridal party or high school colors to create a personal feel for your event.
  • Flash them to the beat of a song. We can slow or increase the flash of the lights in order to control the energy in the venue. For your first dance, we can have them flash slowly in order to slow down the pace and shift the focus to you and your spouse.
  • Shift focus to an important area. If you have a special guest or stage area, we can place the up-lights in a way that will highlight or focus on a particular spot in the venue. When you want us to, we’ll be able to dim the other lights and brighten the up-lights to draw everyone’s attention.

We want to create an atmosphere that is unique to your needs, so we offer completely customizable special event lighting and audio visual services. Contact us today to book your next party with us to get an experience you’ll never forget!

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