Albuquerque High School & Family Reunion DJ Services

Nostalgic events are some of the most fun events we help plan. Our DJs love getting the chance to watch old friends and/or romantic interests get joy from dancing to music they loved at a previous point in time. Some of the best memories have been made for both our staff and clients through such events. That’s why King Mobile Music makes it a point to offer DJ services for family and high school reunions.

If you’re planning a family or high school reunion, consider throwing a dance party that will not only help you and your guests remember old memories, but create new ones, too. Our Albuquerque DJs are exceptional event planners who can help carry your planning load. We can help you think of great party ideas and will think through every music and lighting detail possible so you can sit back and enjoy the memorable moments that your reunion is meant to give.

Some of the services we offer for family and high school reunions are:

Custom DJ Services: Our DJs will sit down with you in order to create a playlist filled with songs that are nostalgic to you and your family.

Custom Lighting: We can help you plan the lighting for your event. Our technicians can do nearly anything you want—small or big. You can have a couple par can lights or an entire overhead system; it’s your choice!

Set Up: Our DJ services include showing up early and setting things up properly! Rest assured we will do our best to make sure you have the best reunion experience possible.

Energetic Parties: We don’t just play music, but interact with you and your guests to help get the energy and good times going! Our goal is to help make your guests have so much fun that they will not want the event to end! Our DJs are complimented over and over again regarding their ability to provide professional, friendly, energetic and interactive services.

The DJs at King Mobile Music can throw family and high school reunions for groups the size of 10 to events as large as a thousand! If you are ready to throw a reunion that will create memories that last a lifetime, contact us today!

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